Brembo today presents a further evolution of the radial pump concept, introducing the new 19RCS CORSA CORTA . Many innovations introduced for this new radial brake pump, which follows in the technical solutions adopted many aspects of the pumps used in MotoGP. 

The novelty of the 19RCS CORSA CORTA consists in the possibility offered to the pilot to adapt the position of the braking point, "bite point", to the desired driving feeling, through a selector placed on the upper part of the pump and therefore easily accessible (demand patent filed for this technological solution). 


The selector, by means of an eccentric device, allows a choice between the three different feeling maps available. 

With the Normal map , identified on the pump by the letter N, the position of the point of attachment is such as to ensure a more gradual initial phase and is therefore suitable for driving in the city, or braking in conditions of poor grip. 

With the Sport map , identified on the pump by the letter S, the position of the attachment point is such as to shorten the initial phase, compared to the N setting. This second map allows a more dynamic response and a more sporty driving. 

Finally, with the Race map, identified on the pump by the letter R, the eccentric device allows to further shorten the initial phase, bringing it to a minimum value equal to that of the pumps used in MotoGP: in this way the pilot is able to obtain a lightning braking attack. This third map goes well with a guide with strong racing appeal, which files the hundredths under braking. 

The simple transition from one type of braking to another allows you to vary the feeling in three modes and to change the configuration in an immediate and linear way. 


The new Brembo 19RCS CORSA CORTA also includes the RCS (Ratio Click System system , introduced 10 years ago on the Brembo 19RCS radial pump, which allows to adjust the distance between the pump and the "18", or "20", simply by rotating 180 ° with a screwdriver the register placed on the front of the guide lever, with the eccentric system (red when it is positioned on 18 mm, black when it is adjusted on 20 mm), which moves the distance between the point by 2 mm of fulcrum and the point of application on the tip of the pump: from this derives a different distribution of the braking force, without this being modified in terms of pure power.

The innovative adjustment system introduced with the new Brembo 19RCS CORSA CORTA pump allows the rider to reach the complete feeling with his bike and to adapt the braking performance according to his riding style, the bike, the weather conditions and those road. 

The careful improvement study of the pump has allowed Brembo to propose three brake pumps in one and to further improve the performance of the braking system. Moreover, taking advantage of the mix deriving from the variation of the wheelbase from 18 to 20 and the three maps R, S, N we get to have as many as 6 different combinations.


The pump body is in forged aluminum alloy, machined with 5-axis CAM technology. Hard oxidation was chosen for the finish, which guarantees the pump body considerable resistance to wear and fluidity of the components. 

The float and the gaskets are the same used in MotoGP, as well as the seats of the purging and feeding system, which, inclined more than 30 °, facilitate the purging of the pump. 

For the design of the 19RCS CORSA CORTAa study was also carried out in order to ensure consistency of style between all the components of the pump, which today presents an identity that is dynamic, sporty and in line with the languages ​​expressed by the motorcycles for which it was designed (question model or design filed with the patent application on the technological solution). 

The lever assembly can be replaced without the RCS (Ratio Click System) being disassembled from the pump and this allows to keep unchanged the calibrations carried out during assembly in the Brembo Racing workshop.



The Brembo radial pump has been a product that has revolutionized the world of braking systems in recent decades. Designed for racing use, over the years it has become increasingly popular for Supersports and Naked, while remaining a product of absolute racing value, still present in MotoGP. 

Today everyone can drastically improve the performance of their motorcycle braking system simply by replacing the radial pump as standard with a Brembo radial, certain of the excellent performance deriving from the company's decades of experience in the field of braking systems. 

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